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Submitting forms

If you are sending documents and/or forms through email, please be aware of the following:

-Forms must be emailed from your official email address.

-We can accept Word documents and PDF files ONLY. 

-Our office cannot accept digitally or electronically signed forms at this time. Please print, sign and then re-scan your forms.

-We cannot accept cell phone photographs of forms or documentation.

-Forms may be submitted as scanned documents to, faxed to our office at 303-556-4927, submitted with photo  ID to a front desk staff member or left in the drop box outside our office.

2017-2018 Forms

Forms for the aid year 2017-2018 (Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Summer 2018)

399 - Comment Code Request Form

AERO - Aerospace Budget Adjustment

APLAN - Academic Success Plan‌

CERT - Certificate Seeking Program Waiver

CHILD - Childcare Expense Form

CITIZN NONCIT - Eligibility Confirmation

COMP COMPU - Computer Purchase and Upgrade Request

CPAID - Child Support Paid Documentation‌‌‌

DDAIA - Dependent Dreamer Student Application

DSBLTY - Total and Permanent Disability Discharge

DVER - Dependent Student Institutional Verification

DEPFAM - Request for Independence Family Situation Appeal

FAPRO - Fall Proration

GRADMT - Working on Graduate Program

GRADTE - Graduation Hold

GTEACH - Graduate Federal TEACH Grant Pre-Application

HHD - Family Size Form (Dependent Students)

HHI - Family Size for Independent Students

IDAIA - Independent Dreamer Student Application

IVER - Independent Student Institutional Verification

INCOME - Income Adjustment Appeal

LGUARD/EMINOR - Legal Guardianship or Emancipated Minor

LNEVL - Loan Re-Evaluation

LVER - Institutional Verification Form (Legal Dependents)‌

MEDCAL - Medical Expense Re-Evaluation Appeal

ORPH_WARD - Orphan, Ward of Court, or Foster Youth

OVERLP - Overlapping Loan Clearance Letter

PAR - Parent in College Verification

PARHOM - Request for Approved Budget

PASET - Parent Asset Information

PJ - Consideration for Professional Judgment

PSSN - Parent Information

PTXBLE - Parent Taxable Income

RELS - Financial Aid Information Release

REWKS - Work-Study Re-Evaluation

SAPAP - Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

SAPGR - Graduate Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal‌

SEDNOT - Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose

SELSV - Selective Service Verification

SSA - Student Information

STXBLE - Taxable Income

TEACH - Teach Grant (Undergraduate)

TRNFR - Cancel All Aid Transferring to Another Institution‌

UEHAP - Unusual Enrollment History Appeal‌

UYOUTH - Unaccompanied Youth

VETERN/MILTID -Veteran or Active Duty Military

WK18 - Work-Study

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